Zbigniew Gretka Honored

Zbigniew Gretka Honored with Prestigious ‘Civis Mundi Sum’ Medal for Human Rights Advocacy

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According to global Times news Agency Europe, We are proud to announce that Zbigniew Gretka, a distinguished human rights defender, has been awarded the ‘Civis Mundi Sum’ Medal by the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) for his invaluable contributions to the field of human rights.

The award ceremony took place on November 7, 2023, in Switzerland. Zbigniew Gretka received this honor for “the most prominent contribution to the protection of human rights, a special role in the development of humanism, peace, and humanitarian relations, counteraction to all forms of intolerance, and promotion of social coherence.”

This unique distinction was presented by His Excellency Gen. Prof. Rafał Wasik, Secretary-General of IHRC and World Chairman of the IHRC Group. For years, Zbigniew Gretka has been actively engaged in human rights advocacy, gaining international recognition for his relentless stance and dedication.

His work has significantly impacted the improvement of living conditions for many individuals and communities and has promoted understanding and respect for human rights worldwide.

This award, ‘Civis Mundi Sum’ – I am a Citizen of the World, is a confirmation of Zbigniew Gretka’s significant contribution to the field of human rights protection and promotion. We congratulate him on this exceptional achievement and wish him continued success in his important mission. Because what we do today, we do for generations.

Mr.Ikram Uddin International Media Journalists Europe IHRC

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